Our Innovative Isotope Analyzer (GC-IR²)

Advantageous Features
Multiple species, Methane, Ethane, Propane
High Precision
No need to have isotope standard gas consumables – Advantage of using absorption spectroscopy versus MS
No delicate power, vacuum requirement
Automated — no expensive “baby sitter”
Field deployable and Low initial and maintenance cost

Semiconductor Photonics + Killer AppTransforming Modern Society

Visible Diode + Printing, DVD Transformed printing and data storage

Near IR Diodes + Fiber Created Internet

Blue/UV LED + Lighting Transformed

Quantum Cascade Laser + Hollow Waveguide etc. Transform Spectrometers


History of Absorption Analysis

Advantageous Features
AD 1666, Newton used prism to dispersed sun light
AD 1729, Pierre Bouguer formulates Lambert-Beer law
AD 1802, Fraunhofer related dark lines with Elements, started modern spectroscopy
Earlier AD 1950’s, UV-Vis spectroscopy using lamps spread
AD 1954, First Maser invented, time standard started using absorption frequency
AD 1960, First Laser invented
AD 1962, First Diode laser invented
AD 1969, desktop FTIR with micro computer introduced
AD 1975, GC-IR and GC-MS introduced, but due to sample volume limit, GC-IR give away to GC-MS
AD1990, Cavity Enhanced Absorption Demonstrated, pathlength significantly extended from meters to kilometers
AD1994, Quantum Cascade laser invented
AD2008, HWG+QC laser demonstrated, sample volume shrank from ml to μL, performance of GC-IR improved 3 orders of magnitude, GC-IR promises to compete with GC-MS