Climate and Environment


Because AGT isotope analyzers use gas sample cell of only 20μL (STP) and have the fastest response in the market they can be used to measure the concentration and isotope ratio of DIC in water quickly and with the minimal amount of water samples. We demonstrated that DIC content analysis requires less than 2 ml of sample and measurement time less than 5 min. AGT isotope analyzer can be use with an existing commercial DIC front ends (e.g. Apollo SciTech). AGT can also build a custom front end for DIC analysis according to customer specifications while maximizing our CO2 analyzer’s advantage.

Soil CO2 flux analysis

Headspace gas analysis is another area where AGT analyzers have significant advantage over competitive products. Since AGT analyzers use 1/100th sample volume than the nearest competitor in the market, the samples do not require a large headspace volume and the headspace concentration and isotope values can be monitored with high time resolution.