Arrow Grand Technologies (AGT) is the brainchild from Dr. Yongchun Tang who is world renown geochemist in the area of gas isotope geochemistry, and two Caltech PhD students, Dr. Sheng Wu and Dr. Andrei Deev who demonstrated world’s first Gas Chromatography coupled with Hollow Waveguide and Quantum Cascade lasers.

Our proprietary patented GC-IR2™ technology transform current compound specific gas isotope measurement methodology — once laboratory dedicated Mass Spectrometers are now becoming field deployable Infrared Optical Spectrometers.

By leveraging this groundbreaking gas isotope technology, both on-shore and offshore drilling will be able to quantify sweet spot for shale oil and gas exploration and reservoir compartmental characteristics right during the drilling process.

The GC-IR2™platform will initiate a revolutionary upgrade in analytical instruments, starting from isotope measurement in oil & Gas industry and expanding to other major industries such as healthcare, environmental protection and food safety.

Meet the team

Dr. Yongchun Tang

Dr. Yongchun Tang, CEO and Founder; Dr. Tang is world renown  isotope geochemist. After 11 years with Chevron, he moved to Caltech in 1999 as director for PEER ( Power Environmental Energy Research Institute ). Dr. Tang pioneered many area of isotope applications toward oil and gas exploration and production applications. His paper in 2000 GCA provided first theoretical model to use isotope for gas generation temperature, origin and maturity. Dr. Tang also developed technology of using gas isotope to quantify nano-porosity, determine origin of sources and others. He was PI for a DOE funded project of using field gas isotope to quantitatively predict gas production declines. Dr. Tang is also PI for a joint industrial project with 14 major oil companies of using gas isotope for shale oil and shale gas.

Dr. Tang published more than 100 papers in the area of geochemistry and gas isotope modeling. 

Dr. Sheng Wu

Dr. Sheng Wu, Co-Founder and VP; B.S. in both Chemistry and Physics from  Peking University and PhD in Physical Chemistry from California Institute of Technology. He has more than 20 years’ experience in laser technology. Dr. Wu owns numerous patents in the area of laser and optical spectrometers. He had pioneered many new technologies of using laser for isotope analysis. He is also R&D manager for PEER (Power Environmental Energy Research Institute)  sensor technology.

Dr. Andrei Deev

Dr. Andrei Deev, Co-Founder, VP; MS in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; PhD in Physical Chemistry from California Institute of Technology. He joined PEER in 2005. Dr. Deev has broad knowledge of optics, laser and mass spectroscopy, and analytical chemistry. His previous work included tunable diode laser and quantum cascade laser spectroscopy, cavity ring down spectroscopy, isotope ratio mass spectroscopy, and gas chromatography. He has extensive background both in traditional gas isotope analysis and laser based isotope measurement.