Oil and Gas Exploration

Isotope ratios of hydrocarbon gases provide valuable information in exploration and production of fossil energy. In the past years, carbon isotope analysis of hydrocarbon gases is solely carried out in the stationary labs far away from the oil field. This process experiences long turn-around time and is expensive. Our GC-IR2-C123 analyzer is the world first instrument that can operate in the field and measure isotope ratios of C1, C2, C3 and concentrations of C4+ simultaneously with high precision matching that are obtainable only in the stationary labs. GC-IR2 can also measure the sample in real-time, which is crucial in many time-sensitive applications.

Overpressure and Permeability Analysis -Identify High Production Zone: Overpressure Permeability analysis will help to find the “Sweet Spot” to frack. Analysis needs to be conducted within 6 hours i.e. by the wellsite. Our rig-site deployable instrument gives E&P customers this unprecedented capability.

Compartmentalization Analysis using GC-IR2: Compartmentalization analysis will help planning and drilling laterals and adjacent wells for unconventional, as well as conventional reservoirs.